RE: "U.10"
17 Jan 96 09:34:00 EST


You posted in reply to Greg::
>A.) 180hp Daimler (Mercedes) DIIIa
>B.) Struts at wing tip are feld grau (green) Munsell 2.5 G 4/2
> Strut which attaches just behind leading edge to fuselage is
> the same as above. All other struts in cockpit area are
> chocolate brown - Munsell 5 YR 4/4
>C.) Horizontal stab is squadron color - same as nose and cockpit struts,
> Munsell 5 YR 4/4
>D.) (you didn't ask, but...) Fuselage is gray, not lozenge.
>Brian Nicklas
>National Air and Space Museum
>Archives Division

Can I ask for some clarification?

The NASM WWW server has a nice colo(u)r photo of "U10"

The fuselage is very clearly covered in lozenge, and NOT grey. Can you
expand on the apparent conflict? Was the photo taken previous to another
restoration? Which is the currently accepted "correct" interpretation?
What were your (and NASM's) references?

Both the undercarriage struts on the WWW photo appear to be in the same
grey/green colour as the interplane struts, rather than as in your point
(B). So does the rear, single, strut in the cockpit area, and the
stabiliser struts, while the integral tripod of struts forward are indeed
chocolate brown. Same questions as above.

The "grey/green" colour is a matter of some interest. I have heard it
described as very close to RLM02. Any comment? Sorry, I don't have a
copy of Munsell, so I'm a bit in the dark on this.

One other thing not asked by Greg. Do you have any idea of the colour of
the fuselage tubing?

Thanks mate