Re: Tools

Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 18:22:06 -0600

>Simple. My first two projects (Albatros D.Va and Pfalz D.XII) will be built
>using scale like structures (ala Proctor version of the D.Va) using pine,
>and plywood.

Ambitious projects!

>All flying surfaces will be built in jigs to ensure accuracy and repeatability
>for the construction of replacement parts. I also expect to minimise the
>rigging problems people talk of by ensuring that I have interchangeable parts.

A labor of love no doubt. Please post photos of the bare bonesframework when
you get it done!

>Sounds like a lot of work but since I only intend to have five or six types
>(but perhaps a few duplicates) in my hanger, I consider the effort to be a
>worthwhile investment.

Yes it is a lot of work but these should prove to be very competitive on the
contest circuit!

Good luck,
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