Power Loading

Dr. Larry J. Crabb (docc@aristotle.net)
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 20:43:10 -0600


You wrote:
>Hi Doc! I was hoping you would jump in here. Based on the msg you sent (long
and needing further reading by me) it didn't come to anyone but me.
Therefore I will send a copy to the WWI mailing list, if you don't mind. I
think there is material for further discussion in all this. And, I for one,
would like to keep it going. I am learning a lot.

I agree and send it along. I Didn't think anyhone else would be so interested.

My initial response was that I didn't care...... I will keep the
discussion going as long as it is alive and no one bitches too much.

Me, too!

>Besides I think kind of discussion can help promote knowledge about the
>period, the people who built and flew these planes and teach something
>about why they
were designed the way they were. Good knowledge i would think for any one
who is interested in aviation history!

Right on, now go read what I sent you. The paper is boiled-down exerpt from
Dr. Robinson's lecture on drag. He's an ex-general in the Air Force a
Doctor of Philosophy on Aviation and Head of the Department of Aviation
Science at Henderson State University. That university receives the
largest federal grant from the F.A.A. than any other, becasue it's the best
in the nation. I think I have my facts straight on this one.

By the way, have you watched the video I sent you, yet? I'd like to hear
your negative comments.