Dr. Larry J. Crabb (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 22:41:24 -0600

Thanks for the reply. I stand corrected re: "air molecules". I didn't
know I was talking to a brain. I only wanted to simplify my descrition. I
WON'T MAKE THAT MISTAKE TWICE. (sic; ages ago, I got a B.S. Degree is in
Chemistry, but don't tell anyone)

No, I did not receive your msg about CAD. Let's talk about it. You talk
and I'll listen. Can the program be used on a Macintosh LC? I'd love to
know about it. I'll send you a picture of my Albatros if you'll send me
yur address. From the ;looks of the "times" you send msgs., you must be in
Australia somewhere. Bali? Papette? Anyway, I enjoy talking to you and
read everything you write. Me? I just hauled away and bought a $300.table
saw from Micro Mark a few years ago, but you have ingenious ideas about