Re: Power Loading

Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 23:05:03 -0600

>I beg to differ. We're not necessarily talking about wings or stabilizers
>here. All surfaces of an airplane are exposed to the ravages of air
>passing over them, around them, in between them. Look, picture a molecule
>of air (78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and 2% other) racing over a surface with a
>molecular configuration of 800 microns. That's like a Cadillac running
>into a 12' high brick wall and that's what's happening to every molecule of
>air passing over a rough surface. In fact, electronmicroscopy eddy
>currents are formed by the millions and are only dissapated by the rush of
>new air which does the same thing. It's called parasite drag and it exists
>to a greater degree on the 747 jets, than on the surfaces of an R/C scale
>models. But, it does exist on the later.


>And, visa versa because both are an element of lift.


>>So it is better to be light than heavy for the same wing area.
>Hooray! Someone else understands this! I'm glad you said that!

Do I see an change in the winds here?