Re: D.VIII Query

Vincent Price (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 22:26:45 +1100 (EST)

Joey asked:
>Some time ago (Sat, 14 Oct 95) you wrote:
>>Purchased the sign Fokker D.VIII and though a small review would be in....
>>You mentioned that the kit had markings for numerous aircraft. One was:
>>156/18 Lt Theo Osterkamp Jasta 2
>I'm interested in the markings of this aircraft. Was it your standard D.VIII
>finish of lozenge tail/fuselage and green wing and cowl, or did it have any
>other special markings?

The colours are great and non-standard (I will be building this kit in
these colours). A short description is as follows:

Fuselage: Yellow with seven black stripes starting from a black cowling.
Wing: Dark Green upper, lozenge lower.
Tailplane: Lozenge upper & Lower.
Rudder: White.
Wheel Covers: Yellow.

Joey, if you have a fax available please send me the number and I will get
a copy to you.

Regards, Vincent.
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