Re: The plywood Fokker (revisited)

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 07:12:37 -0600

On 17 Jan 96 at 0:13, Bill Shatzer typed diligently:

> To return to a subject visited on the list a couple of months
> back, I've stumbled across another photo of what is identified
> as a 'wood' fuselaged Fokker D.VII on page 43 of Nowarra's
> "The Fokker Dr.1 and D.VII in World War I". This aircraft
> (Fok D.VII 7756/18) appears to be a completely different aircraft
> than the alleged 'plywood Fokker" shown on page 5 of the Datafile or
> on page 9 of the old Profile Publications D.VII book - at
> least the lozenge patterns and the Balkenkruez are/appear to be
> completely different.

Hmm...This sounds vaguely like the plywood D.VII I saw in the Vintage
Aircraft book. Might want to check the Web site for info. Jess?

> So, the question now arises:
> 1. Were there -two- plywood Fokkers?
> 2. Was there -one- plywood Fokker which was recovered and/or repainted?
> 3. Did Nowarra get it wrong or did Rimmel and the Profile get it wrong?

Again, if memory serves, the caption in the Vintage Aircraft book
mentioned at least *two* D.VII's so finished. Look closely at the
serial. Is it an Alb. built machine?

> My own thoughts are that 7756 seems a little late in the numbering
> sequence for the plywood experiment but.......

This might be the Albatros built bird. Sorry that memory is going,
and I just deleted all my personal archives of this list (running out
of disk space - and work seems to be taking a priority now, for some
reason :-)), so I'll try to search the web site, and see what I


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