RE: "U.10"

Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Wed, 17 Jan 96 08:45:01 EST

The NASM Website has photos of "U.10" when it was displayed in the old
gallery. For the new gallery, "Legend, Memory and the Great War in the Air,"
the aircraft was taken to "Silver Hill," the Paul Garber Storage and
Restoration Facility and given a slight rework. Unfortunately, no
rollout photos were taken as with the Albatros, due to time constraints.
The aircraft was reworked to appear as at the time of it's capture.
>From what I have been able to decipher, the "U.10" was reworked in 1961
into a generic D.VII scheme, which caused an outcry from Cross and Cockade
members and others. So U.10 was painted on the aircraft, on top of whatever
had been painted/skinned. The recent work corrected that.
I am trying to get more up to date photos on the website.
I have no idea why Munsell numbers are used, I wish FS (Federal Standard)
numbers were used as well. I'd compare with my FS 595a (no 595b copy
yet...:-) but the gallery is not lighted enough to do a good job with
that. The aircraft is really well barricaded, I don't know if I can get
a visual on the interior.
** Please note that these comments are mine, not NASM's!** I scanned
through the curatorial file on the aircraft for this information, and there
may be other info there that I did not see.
The "grey/green" you mention relates to the color being "Feld Grau,"
but it sure looks green to me. No hint of the grey as in RLM 02.
But, the color may be off to me due to gallery lighting.
I took a few snapshots, when they get returned I'll send to Allan
for scanning and posting on his WWI Website. If I can, I might shoot some
details of all the a/c in the gallery, but that may be too much.
Hope this helps Shane, Greg and anyone else with an interest.
I may have to really sit down with the "U.10" files, but I
don't have the time right now, I'm trying to catch up after being
furloughed and snowed out for a month. (The mail!!)
Brian Nicklas