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Thu, 18 Jan 1996 10:33:06 +1100


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Interesting. I know I see this airfoil used quite a lot on sport scale
planes. Why is it so popular? Easy to cut ribs? At the Reynolds numbers of
our models gives a nice balance between lift and drag?

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As I understand the situation, the Clark Y and Clark YH are both proven
that are good for low speeds and low Reynolds Numbers. Have you ever seen
someone really throw a Telemaster about. The thing refuses to fall out of
the sky. Provided the wing loading is low (requiring small angles of attack)
you can do all sorts of things with it. It will recover from a stalled situation
where many other aircraft will flick into a spin or simply fall totally

I have a Precendent Telemaster 1800 (6 foot span) and I throw it about like
a fighter plane. The only thing that is dangerous to try is a bunt (ie.
a downwards outside loop), chances are you will hit the ground before the loop
is even halfway complete.