Re: Clark Y Section

Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 17:53:21 -0600

>As I understand the situation, the Clark Y and Clark YH are both proven
>that are good for low speeds and low Reynolds Numbers. Have you ever seen
>someone really throw a Telemaster about. The thing refuses to fall out of
>the sky. Provided the wing loading is low (requiring small angles of attack)
>you can do all sorts of things with it. It will recover from a stalled
>where many other aircraft will flick into a spin or simply fall totally

This explains why so many folks have used them on scale models and sport models!

>I have a Precendent Telemaster 1800 (6 foot span) and I throw it about like
>a fighter plane. The only thing that is dangerous to try is a bunt (ie.
>a downwards outside loop), chances are you will hit the ground before the loop
>is even halfway complete.

Ouch! My Pup has what looks to be a Clark Y and it is a real dream to fly!
The D-VII plans I have also have a Clark Y.

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