Re: Osterkamp's D VII

Greg Springer (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 19:53:53 -0800

Hello chaps!

In the old Vintage Warbirds #8 'German Air Aces of WWI' illustration 80
shows Theo sitting on the undercarriage of EV 156/18 which at that time
was in standard factory finish of lozenge fuselage with solid dark
green wing (top and bottom surfaces), dark green cowling, wheels and
axle 'wing'.

'Over the Lines' states that he was shot down in an EV during a
familiarization flight but bailed out safely. No aircraft number is
given in that source. Somewhere I've seen a photo of him in an
Albatros but I can't find it.

Joey, Uncle Theo was a naval aviator. He served with Marine Feld Jasta
I and commanded MFJII. In WWII he was for a time commander of JG 51.