Re: Osterkamp's D VII

Bill Shatzer (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 20:56:30 -0800

>> Joey, Uncle Theo was a naval aviator. He served with Marine Feld Jasta
>> I and commanded MFJII. In WWII he was for a time commander of JG 51.
>UNCLE Theo! really? Verrry interrresting. Any anecdotes?
>The JG51 info is great! If he flew in the Battle of B. he must have flown
>in Spain as well, right? Could you point me in the right direction for
>more info?

"Uncle Theo" was the affectionate nickname bestowed upon Osterkamp
by his (much younger) pilot/subordinates - kinda like "Pappy"

Osterkamp was not with the Condor Legion in Spain - not many
'slots' in the Legion Condor for officers with Theo's rank.


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