RE: Brisbane?
18 Jan 96 15:57:00 EST

GDay Doc,

I wrote:
>Paul is in Melbourne I believe, but thats not _really_ part of

>That's exactly what my collegue at the University of Iowa said once at a
>departmental party. Then, the guy from Melbourne threw an empty bottle
>Foster's beer at him.

Good etiquette. Never throw a full bottle, it's wastefull, though
Fosters isn't really beer ;-)

> Better watch out. You Ausies can be dangerous. I'm
>glad you're on our side! Are you a WW-I R/C'er?

Sorry, but no I'm not a R/C-er of any sort. Expensive as static scale can
be, the RC stuff is too much for me with a wife and three kids to
support. Maybe when they finish school. OTOH my reactions are so crummy
now that I don't know whether I'd ever re-learn how to fly after having
done so in my teens (20 years ago)

>And, I'm glad you prefer
>Brisbane to Melbourne but I'd be very happy to visit either of those

I prefer Brisbane to anywhere, and Melbournes OK (but I'd never admit it
to a Melbournite). I lived there before I ever lived in Brisbane and much
prefer the warmer weather and more open style of people here. And like
you, I'd be happy to visit anyplace in the USA, though I've developed a
preference for anywhere a buddy from this list might be met in person.

>I sold a lot of my kit model of the Northrop Gamma to people in
>Australia and received a lot of good feedback and enjoyed communicating
>with them.

I have a retired friend who sometimes drops in, and who is a keen
recreational RCer. I'll ask him if he knows of one being flown about
here and go take a look.

Nice to see you on the net Doc. You've certainly sparked up the Rc'ers
who were in danger of being forgotten due to the low volume of mail.