Re: Lack of new WW1 subjects to tackle.

Anthony & Ellen Sanchez (
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 12:49:05 -0800


You wrote--
>Just a suggestion to all of the 1/72 master modellers on the list.
>If you ever get bored with what you have available, because of a
shortage of
>new kits or colour schemes, you could always do what many of the
"large scale
>modellers" do -- SCRATCH BUILD --.
>Pick a subject that is well documented. Work to a larger scale, say

A couple of years ago I completly scratch built the Wright Flyer-A 1/20
scale, for a change of pace. No kit, put the plans together from
several sources.... It was great, I learned a lot about the planes
design, and how to use materials I don't usually get my hands on in my
"normal" modeling.

Cutting each rib, hooking up the chain linkage, carving the props,
covering it with silkspan, is a heck of a way to learn about a specific
plane. It took me about 10 months to build it and I had an excellent
time. It may not be the prettiest, most perfect model I've ever built
but, I built every single last thing on it, everything!! You're also
right about being proud of it. It occupies a place in my home that
everyone can see when they walk in.

I realize it's not a WWI subject, but it's close!! I think that
everyone should try it once in their modeling career.

Nuff said,