Re: Lack of new WW1 subjects to tackle.

Paul Butler (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 08:45:45 +1100


Thank you for your response to my last posting. You really were ambitious in
tackling the Wright Flyer. I have the Wylam plans of one of the flyers (cannot
remember which one A, B ?) and it really is a bird cage of struts and wires.

There other less ambitious types that might be easier to tackle such as most
of the Fokkers or Sopwiths with their simple shapes. Plastic card could be
substituted for plywood, extruded shapes (ex railway) for longerons and
stringers. It might be necessary to use wood for wing spars and ribs because
it is a stiffer material.

Anyway, I am not here to tell you guys how to suck eggs. I am sure you are
all resourceful and inventive. I like to find solutions to structural
problems that have adequate stiffness and strength (these are not the same you
know), look the part and are within the scope of my confidence to complete

I intend to stick to the larger stuff, 1/5 + , but there is plenty of scope
for some exciting modelling efforts at scales around 1/24. It is just a matter
of determination to achieve an end.

Paul Butler