Re: Hello & Morane L question

Thomas Eisenhour (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 06:10:08 -0800

Joey Valenciano wrote:

>I've got a question regarding the Morane Saulnier L:
>What colour was the cowl? Waneford's aircraft in particular.

>From Windsock Datafile 16: the Morane Saulnier Type L:

Warneford's 3253:

Normal factory finish (clear-doped fabric, clear-varnished plywood
forward fuselage side panels) except cowling and wheel covers doped
WHITE (A photo of the aircraft taken sometime after the famous Zeppelin
exploit shows the wheel covers painted a dark color - red?) and a
distinctively styled serial number further enhanced with a white drop
shadow. RNAS-applied fuselage roundels with ultramarine outer ring, red
center; French-type wing roundels (red outer ring, light blue center) -
no kidding!

Hope this helps.