How many WW I modelers are there ?

Charles Hart (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 10:27:35 -0700

Greetings all,

I return from pre-holiday travels to see that the list has been very
busy. Perhaps I could interject some thoughts on some topics from that

Gerry wrote:

>Anyway - I think we are well served by the manufacturers when one
>considers that the WWI modelling bruderschaft can't be too large.
>They say that Rimmell's circulation for Windsock is no more thn
>2500-3000. How many belong to Cross & Cockade?

I have heard that for Windsock the LOWER figure is probably closer to
the correct one. Circulation for World War One Aeroplanes is close to that
number as well, although a substantial number of them don't model (at least
that is my reading {sorry on the pun} on the situation as a subscriber for
over 10 years). For Cross & Cockade their circulation is LESS than 2000.
I have no idea the circulation for Over The Front (can someone help).

The picture is that we are a small market in the scheme of aircraft

Matt, I'm sorry, but I think you miss the point here. This is the
Golden Age for WW I modeling, quality of kits not withstanding. There have
never been as many kits, books or other publications on the subject as
there are right now. For the past few years I keep wondering if we have
reached the peak of things yet, but books, kits, plans and the like keep
coming. I try and buy selectively (I can't afford it all!!) but it is
hard. A case in point, I have a number of the old Merlin Fokker D-VIII
kits. At the time I thought there would NEVER be another injection kit of
this aircraft in 1/72. Now look, there have been at least FOUR injection
kits of this in that scale since then and two beautiful kits of it in 1/48,
all putting the Merlin effort to shame and I am stuck with the turkeys (any
buyers ???).

The point is we should count our blessings and build away. I mean
what kit is going to win a contest built out of the box ?? Does anyone
only build Fine Molds kits ($90.00 for a 1/48 aircraft kit ?????). And
isn't it the point of this hobby to put something more into these models
than just parts in one box ? I mean what has kept the cottage industry
going for over a decade ??

OK, sorry for the tirade and nothing personal Matt, I appreciate your

Happy Holidays to all