Re: 4 & 5 Wingers

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 21:05:47 -0800

> With a view to possibly starting a looooong term scratch-
>building project I'm searching for references on WWI era aircraft with
>four [quadruplane] and five [quintuplane] main wings. This is what I
>have come up with so far - perhaps someone would be willing to add
>to the list, by way of new aircraft or additional references for the
>ones listed below. If new aircraft are noted a mention of the
>reference would be appreciated so that, if I can locate the reference,
>I can see what the aeroplane looks like. Cheers & thanks, Jim.

Try "Triplanes", Peter Bowers and Ernest McDowell, Motorbooks International,
1993, ISBN8-87938-614-2

Photos include: A-W. F.K.9, A-W F.K.10, Euler quatraplane, Fokker V.8
septuplane, Friedrichshaven DD.II, Naglo D.II, Oertz W.6 'Schooner",
Supermarine Night Hawk, Saveliev and Zalewski S.Z. quatraplane (bet
ya' never heard of that 'un!) Wright quatraplane, and two 'unidentified'

Several photos of various 'between the wars' multiplanes as well.


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