Re: Browns victories

Bill Ciciora (
Wed, 20 Dec 95 11:50:02 EST

On Wed, 20 Dec 1995 Brian wrote:

>I seem to remember that I read that Richthofen was Brown's first kill,
>or what kill number, and how many kills Brown eventually amassed, but I
>have not been able to find info on the net...
>(this, of course, assumes that Brown actually did kill Richthofen, but
>I don't need to go that far into it...and my intention is not to start
>_that_ debate...)

Richthofen was *not* Brown's first kill. If you can still update your
Christmas list ;-) ask for _Above the Trenches_ from Grub Street. It's
very well researched and shows victories that were attributed to
RFC/RNAS/RAF pilots at the time. I'll try to remember to type up Brown's
victory list when I get home and upload it to the mail list for you.

Bill Ciciora