Re: Bristol Boxkite

Anthony & Ellen Sanchez (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 16:08:01 -0800

Hi everyone;

Ah the Pryo Bristol Boxkite. I remember it well, built mine about 17
years ago, what memories.

I was still living in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. Flagstaff has very
long, cold winters, therefore lots of time to be inside building

I was trying to get the model ready for an IPMS show in Phoenix. Doing
the final rigging, using stretched sprue threads then passing the
smoke/heat from a "blown out" match, you know the technique. Anyway,
it's about 11:00 PM, I'am tired, I'am sick of this Boxkite....I forgot
to blow out the match!! OH Sh..... poof! In an instant, much faster
than I could blink... pop..boing..snap... about 50% of my rigging
vaporizes... gone... just ceases to exist.

Anyway, several days later I did get finished. I guess the moral of my
story is, if your getting tired...STOP. I can laugh about it now, but
was I ever torqued off at the time. My significant other knew it was
not the time to be walking around with a grin on her face either.

So I enter the thing in the Phoenix show, I was disqualified because
according to a judge, I had mounted the engine backwards!! ie..engine
after the prop. Which is the way it was supposed to be mounted! This
was the first time I quit IPMS. Been a couple of times sence. But I

Did anyone see the Boxkite at the IPMS show in Albuquerque this last
July? Very nice piece of work. Operational control surfaces though...
come on!!

Happy Holidays to all, how ever you may choose to celebrate the season.

nuff said,