Re: Bristol Boxkite
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 01:42:45 -0500

In a message dated 95-12-20 14:55:40 EST, (Jesse Thorn)

>If you have it could you provide info on where we can obtain 1) the index of

>photos on disc and 2) where we can order the discs?
I don't have any recent information. Originally, they were directly
available from the Smithsonian Institute's publishing division. At some
point they were transferred to TAB Publishing, and thats the last I recall.
Its been several years since I've gone through TAB's catalog so I don't know
if they're still available there. The NASM bookstore had them when I last
visited. Who knows when that will be open again. There were somewhere
between 6 & 10 disks intended for the final set, but as I stated previously,
Disk 1 is what most airplane modellers would want. There are about 50,000
pictures on it. Something for everyone, I would hope, except armor deviants.

The printed indexes (indices?) are packaged with the disks, although some
disks also have them as part of the data.

These are large format Laserdisks, not CDs. They require a special player
and not all Laserdisk players may have the capability to view the still photo
archival format. The data is analog video rather than digital.

Eli Geher