Another lozenge question, oh noooooooo!!!!

dave (
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 11:31:36 +0100

Hi there,
I'm new to the list so I would like to apologize for this supposed (?) "well
worn" question.
I just purchased Eduard's Hannover Cl III and was wondering about the colors
used for the fuselage. For top and underside, no problem, it's just "common"
4 colour scheme, matching the descriptions given in the WWI modelling page
on the Web. Besides, decals are provided....

But the fuselage puzzles me quite a bit. The color card shows 3 distinct
shades of green, from what would be olive or pea green to deep "forrest
green" with a 4th colour, something like a pink grey. Are the shades of
green correct or are they resulting from printing technical limitation?
Besides, I haven't seen this 3 green, pink grey scheme anywhere.....
So any help, If you're not bored by the subject, of course, would be warmly

BTW, the Eduard kit seems worth buying, I haven't checked the fit yet, but
the huge number of photoetched parts justified its acquisition. Yet the
plastic parts are very crude, (I believe they're taken from an old kit,
Aurora?), but no big deal about that.....

Thanks in advance.