Re: Another lozenge question, oh noooooooo!!!!

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 07:05:24 -0500

On 21 Dec 95 at 11:31, dave typed diligently:

> BTW, the Eduard kit seems worth buying, I haven't checked the fit yet, but
> the huge number of photoetched parts justified its acquisition. Yet the
> plastic parts are very crude, (I believe they're taken from an old kit,
> Aurora?), but no big deal about that.....

No, I believe they're all new molds. The "crudeness" it just
Eduard's (and most other Czech companies that I've seen) way of doing
things. I too have the Hannoveranna, and actually looking forward to
building it - even if it's in that "blind" scale! ;-)