Hannover lozenge question, oh yes

Charles Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu)
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 08:20:33 -0700

Greetings all,

Dave poses questions re: his Eduard Hannover kit:

>I'm new to the list so I would like to apologize for this supposed (?) "well
>worn" question.

Well worn ? well maybe but still fodder for this list.

>I just purchased Eduard's Hannover Cl III and was wondering about the colors
>used for the fuselage. For top and underside, no problem, it's just "common"
>4 colour scheme, matching the descriptions given in the WWI modelling page
>on the Web. Besides, decals are provided....

If one looks at photos of the real machines it becomes apparent that
the lozenge fabric used on them is the five-color pattern, hence Eduard
provided the wrong decals for this kit.

>But the fuselage puzzles me quite a bit. The color card shows 3 distinct
>shades of green, from what would be olive or pea green to deep "forrest
>green" with a 4th colour, something like a pink grey. Are the shades of
>green correct or are they resulting from printing technical limitation?
>Besides, I haven't seen this 3 green, pink grey scheme anywhere.....
>So any help, If you're not bored by the subject, of course, would be warmly

The Hannovers had a PAINTED lozenge pattern on the center sections of
the upper wing, stabilizers and rudder area of the rear fuselage. Some
machines had this pattern extend across the entire fuselage, but not all.
Check your photographs. Judging from the shades of gray in clear photos,
this painted scheme was indeed Four colors, but which colors would be a
matter of speculation. There are definitely "light" colored lozenges in
this scheme which I would interpret as being an ochre color, similar to
that found in the 5-color fabric. The other three colors ? I would favor
a dark green, a lighter green and a mauve-blue, but again this is

Some machines appear to have a softly sprayed "lozenge" pattern
sprayed on their fuselages, but this appears to lack the "fourth" light
hued color.

This is my interpretation of photos, mostly from the now out-of-print
Datafile. Any other ideas ??

Happy Holidays to all on the list from a chilly Colorado.


Louisville, Colorado