Lozenge: My two cents worth

21 Dec 1995 16:33:16 GMT

To Dave and others,

Another Lozenge question! All right!
Dave, you're lucky to have that Eduard Hannover Cl.IIIa. I wish we had
something as nice in 1/72 scale.

You were wondering about the Hannover's colors? I would recommend
(highly) that you lay your hands on the relevant "Windsock Datafile"
which will confirm the weirdness of German late war ground attack
aircraft colors! (As if such weirdness needed confirmation!).
Typically, the fuselage was large(er) *painted* lozenges with an
overspray of a dark blue. Many variations abound - check photos of the
plane you want to model.

Eduard gives you decals for the lozenge, which IMHO are not right. They
provide four color, and I believe *most* (not all) Hannovers wore five
color camo. fabric. Also Eduard's lozenge decal colors (again IMHO) are
way too bright, and also too far off in colors. I would recommend the
Americal/Gryphon, Almark, or the new Pegasus versions as much more
suitable, and alot more accurate (again IMHO) replacements.

The plastic parts in the Eduard kit are a bit crude (*NOT* ex Aurora,
as they are from new tooling), but they do 'clean up' very nicely. And
you're right on target about their photo etched stuff - beautiful!

Happy modeling - and Happy Holidays to the WW I modeling list!

(The above foolish statements and ignorant ramblings are that of a Mad
Norseman, and are not to be taken seriously by anyone, nor relied upon
by anyone for any reason whatsoever and represent solely the suspect
*opinions* of such identified madman, blah, blah, blah,....)

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)
"You are not the center of the universe. That job's already taken".
- Anonymous