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> > Confuses outline, speed and direction no end. Try it with a 1/48
> > scale model held at arm's length, and move it around a bit.
> Sounds like the Razzle-Dazzle camoflauge used on merchant shipping.

Yep, sounds like the same principle to me. In the foreword to William
Green's " An Illustrated anatomy of the world's fighters" mention is made
of the fact[?] that camo. seems to have arisen in response to enemy
incursions over fighter fields, but this seems a little tenuous to me. Ok
as far as chestnut/green or mauve/green goes, but to me it would seem to
serve little purpose for an aircraft stationary on a grass strip.
BTW, a propos negating camo with gaudy colour schemes, it serves
exactly the opposite end, certainly as Richthofen saw it: it was
basically, certainly in his casse, a recognition symbol for Staffel-leaders,
to give friendly aircraft something to formate on; to continue the nautical
analogy [80)], somewhat like a beacon. Other Staffel-members would then
work out their personal variations on that theme.



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