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Fri, 22 Dec 1995 22:20:50 +1100 (EST)


> The plastic parts in the Eduard kit are a bit crude

True, but as someone said, that's just the way they make 'em.

(*NOT* ex Aurora,
Right. Check them out against the Smer offerings, which are
remoulds, and you'll see the difference. Smer, or Aurora, or Merit, never did
make a Hannoveraner. As far as I know, the only two-seaters they made,
at least in WW1, [despite their Tiger Moth being included in that category
on the blurb in their destruction-sheets], were a Breguet, a Halberstdt
CL III [?] (basic, but very nice), and of all things, an Albatros CIII.
Makes you wonder where *that* Eduard kit came from.
The Fiat CR32 which I'm working on [!! 80)] at the moment, I
suspect comes from the old Artiplast range of Italian fighters, the
moulds for which were picked up by Smer when Artiplast went kaputt, having
bought the Merit/Aurora [?] moulds. Again, basic, even primitive, but
quite nice as a start. As someone else said [and I paraphrase quite
liberally 80)]; doesn't matter what you start with, it's what you put
into it: afer all, we *are* modellers, aren't we?

as they are from new tooling), but they do 'clean up' very nicely. And
> you're right on target about their photo etched stuff - beautiful!

Weelll.......PE is alright as far as it goes......but!.....but,
I've probably said this before. Anyway, it makes a nice template for the
real thing 80)

> Happy modeling - and Happy Holidays to the WW I modeling list!

Thank you, Hear, hear!!

> (The above foolish statements and ignorant ramblings are that of a Mad
> Norseman, and are not to be taken seriously by anyone, nor relied upon
> by anyone for any reason whatsoever and represent solely the suspect
> *opinions* of such identified madman, blah, blah, blah,....)

Who'd argue with a Norseman? With a *mad* Norseman at that?
Certainly not a northern Saxon. After all, we're sort-of cousins....

Happy Yuletide, cousin! 80)


[Not as in "Irish",
despite the red beard,
but as in "Michael"
[pron. miX-a-`el]]

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