Thanks for the knowledge and Happy Hollidays.

John Huggins (huggins@Onramp.NET)
Fri, 22 Dec 1995 22:32:50 -0600

Good Day All,

I too must pass my thanks to the others on the list. You have provided
much knowledge, friendship and overall good will. Many questions have been
asked. Many have been answered. Many have asked for tips, advise or just
plane how do you do that? The fellowship here have always replied with
more than just short answers. Many have even open their personal files to
share with the others. This is truly what scale modeling is all about.

I have learned a lot about many WWI facts and have gained a wealth of very
useful information about WWI modeling here, and I am sure I will learn much
more in the years that follow. I would only hope that in some way I can
repay in kind what I have received from all of you this past year.

I wish to bid all of you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy and productive
New Year, and most of all, a Very Large Thank You For Sharing What You Have
With So Many.

God Bless, and may you all have many happy years to come, may we all find
an abundance of WWI models, and may we continue this bond of electronic
kinship. Some day, it would be a great pleasure if some how we could all
meet for a brief time, put faces to names, tell war stories, big lies, show
off what we have learned from each other, and just enjoy each others

Thank You All