Latest from Rosemont and FSM

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 27 Dec 1995 10:23:13 -0500

Come back from the holidays, and goodies start to arrive.

The latest from Rosemont is his next kit, a Pfalz E.IV for $22.95. He
is also going to release a twin row Oberursal, one per pack for
$2.50. Now you can build his Fokker E.IV without worrying about the
engine as well.

Got the latest FSM in the mail, an although slim for us, there are
two WW1's reviewed in Workbench: the Emhar Whippet and the Eduard
Morane L.

Other things of interest in FSM: next issue will be devoted to
"modeling on the Internet". If I believe correctly, we - as in list
and web site - will be featured, although to what extent, I'm not
sure. I also had the chance to visit their web site, if nothing else
to start downloading their index (which I have a few comments for
them to make it "better"). Well, lo and behold Al's page is a link
from their site! Way to go Al!

A small point of interest for you ship modelers: in an ad
from Classic Warships on page 83 they have listed HMS Agincourt,
1916; and SMS Seydlitz, 1916 in 1/700th resin. However, both are
listed at $65, so be forewarned!


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