Re: WW I Kit Prices

Thomas Eisenhour (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 05:44:51 -0800

Hirohisa wrote:

>For example, if Hasegawa release accurate and beautiful 1/72 Albatros D.III,
>I will must pay 1,500yen as $15 for it.
>Then, its price will be about $30 in US and another country, I think.
>Is this price $30 suitable for 1/72 Bi-plane kit?
>I think that we should not request new products to famous kit manufacturer,
>cause we will must pay unsuitable price for it and any cottage industry will
>close down. It is a great loss to us.

My two cents worth:
I completely agree with Hirohisa. Let's face it, the big guys aren't interested
in our tiny niche of the model market. It's the small manufacturers who are
responsible for the wonderful selection of kits we have right now. OK, maybe the
definitive 1/72 Alb. D.III isn't out there yet, but be patient, I'm sure
someone's working on it.

It really doesn't bother me THAT much to hand over $50 for a Blue Max Pfalz
D.XII. A couple of years ago, what would you have guessed were the chances of
EVER seeing that aircraft as an injection-molded kit (with PE and white metal
details, yet!)?

If we keep buying them, they'll keep making them and the quality is getting
better all the time.

Happy New Year everyone!

Tom Eisenhour