Re:(2) WW I Kit Prices

28 Dec 1995 08:51:08 GMT

Hirohisa & Tom E.,Et al,

Tom writes:
"Let's face it, the big guys aren't interested in our tiny niche of the
model market. It's the small manufacturers who are responsible for the
wonderful selection of kits we have right now. OK, maybe the definative
1/72 Alb. D.III isn't out there yet, but be patient, I'm sure someone's
working on it."

I agree, though Hasegawa (for example) came out with the Polikarpov
I-16, and will come out with the Dewotaine(SP?) D.520 (both in 1/72)
- and I don't believe these two subjects have a much bigger following
than an Albatros D.III would in the same scale(?). Also witness
Dragon/DML's ventures into 1/48 WW I stuff! *I* think they're coming,
It will just take them longer to get here. (maybe after the *28th*
kit of a P-51 Mustang is released!) ;-)

Something to think about!

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)
"Play for more than you can afford to lose, and you will learn the
game." - Winston Churchill