Re:(2) WW I Kit Prices

Erik Pilawskii (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 09:28:58 -0800 (PST)

On 28 Dec 1995, STEVE HUSTAD wrote:
> "Let's face it, the big guys aren't interested in our tiny niche of the
> model market. It's the small manufacturers who are responsible for the
> I agree, though Hasegawa (for example) came out with the Polikarpov
> I-16, and will come out with the Dewotaine(SP?) D.520 (both in 1/72)
> - and I don't believe these two subjects have a much bigger following
> than an Albatros D.III would in the same scale(?). Also witness

Steve, I don't know if I can agree, here. Hasegawa's I-16 is selling very
well, at least according to Brookhurst (CA). Talk about a glaring hole in
modeling representation!-- I doubt if you could name a more significant
aircraft in aeronautical history. Certainly, one of the Big Boys needed to
take up an I-16 (though they still didn't get it entirely right). The D.520 is
a more interesting choice, but consider that a) the machine wore some awfully
attractive and colorful schemes, b) it will be far more popular and more
widely received in Europe [why would some French modeller *want* to build
another #**%@!$#^! P-51??], c) I think we're ALL getting a little bored with
the monotony of subjects typically available. In either case, I think the
D.520 will handsomely outsell a hypothetical D.III (unfortunately), were
they to do one.
Not that I find the foregoing very pleasant, either. :^( But, as it
always seems to be, the dollar talks big, and Historical Representation
matters little. Who knows, though, maybe we could do a campaign like the
one Al is working on (vis a vis ERTL) to convince them to do some WWI.
If the next FSM issue really will spotlite us, you can very well bet that
the boys at Hasegawa will raise an eyebrow. The perception they're going
to get is that the WWI community must be larger than (perhaps) it really is.
Perhaps, with Hasegawa WWI kits, it would be! But in any case, they *will*
see it.
2cents, Erik
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