Re: Detailing Tips?

Bill Shatzer (
Thu, 28 Dec 1995 16:01:27 -0800

>Two questions for the members of the list:
>1) How do you mask wheel covers when painting tires?

I've found free-handing 'em works best. Stick 'em on the end of
a round toothpick and chuck the toothpick in a variable speed
drill or dremel. Get the wheel squared up and the drill rotating
at a fairly low speed. Then take a fine brush like maybe O or
OO with slightly thinned paint and just work slowly in from the
tread towards the wheel cover. Just hold the brush steady while
the wheel turns and slowly move it inward. Only a couple of
brushfuls are usually required.

It's fairly easy to stop in the right spot with a little practice
and it gives a nice sharp separation. I've used the
artists' circular templates route successfully as well but the
toothpick and drill method seems easier - no airbrush to clean up
for one.

>2) What do you use to scratchbuild a coaming?

I've had success using surgical tubing (intravenous tubing, I think)
and rolled out milliput.


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