Books for sale
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 12:24:32 PST

Dear Allan,
I'm a fellow scale modeler who's recently returned to the hobby after a
few years off for school. I enjoy WWI subjects and was very pleased to
see this web page. You've done a great job and the information posted is
very helpful. I am writing because I have four books for sale that I
thought your subscribers might be interested in. They are as follows:

Bruce, J.M. War Planes of the First World War.

Vol. 1.Great Britain. (A.D. Scout to Port Victoria P.V.8). 1965 (1st
printing) Macdonald.
Vol. 2 Great Britain. (Robey-Peters Scouts to Sopwith 2F.1 Camel). 1968.
Doubleday & Co.
Vol. 3 Great Britain. (Sopwith Hippo to Wright Quadruplane). 1969 (1st
Printing) Macdonald.
Vol. 4 France. (B.A.J. C2 to Gourdou-Leseurre C1/2.C1). 1972 Doubleday.

All book are in excellent shape (the previous owner wrote his name on
first page). If anyone is interested they can phone me at 503.236.1957
(I'm currently using a friends e-mail and will have my own soon). I would
like to sell as a set, but will sell individually. If any one is
interested they can call me with an offer.

I appreciate you posting this,

Mike Kippenhan
Portland, Oregon