NASM Videodiscs

Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Fri, 29 Dec 95 18:03:08 EST

Seasonal Greetings to all and Happy New Year!!
I came in from my Federal Furlough to check my EMail,
and saw the note about the
National Air and Space Museum Archival Videodiscs.
They are currently available from:
Voyager Corporation
578 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Voyager is the new distributor, and as a result, the price dropped!
Voyager distributes to most video and record outlets like
Tower Records, so you may check there for the titles.

Anyone want a little printout, let me know (or if I can figure out
the computer ju-ju I'll translate and post - it's short)
Brian Nicklas
National Air and Space Museum
Archives Division
(Videodisc Producers)