Re: Reply to Paul Butler

Douglas R. Jones (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 17:28:33 -0600

Hey Doc! Nice hanger! I like your choice of scale. I too am a fan of 1/5 and
1/6. Though I seem to be a kit modeler at the moment. I have a bashed Flair
Pup with an old OS 61FS I am flying, and a very bashed Flair 17 that will
use an OS 48 I need to paint. I am also flying a Balsa USA Bristol M-1C with
a Saito 65. In the closet is a Flair Dr1 and SE5a and their stand way way
off Eindecker! I have plans for a G. Whitehead D-VII, the Haffke D-VIII anmd
a 1/4 Pietenpol Air Camper. Since Santa brought me some new tools I am ready
to order wood for the D-VII and D-VIII.

>DeHavilland DH-4 1/8 ST .40 Fokker Dr-1 1/6 Thunder Tigre .61
>Fokker D-VII 1/6 ST .45 Sopwith Camel 1/6 Saito .80
>Albatros D-Va 1/6 ST .45 Pfalz D-IIIa 1/6 ST .45
>Nieuport XXVII 1/5.5 K&B .61 Halberstadt D-II1/6 K&B .61
>Spad S.XIII 1/5 K&B .61

How about some more info on each of the planes. I would love to know who
drew the plans and where they may be available.

>Also, Santa Claus brought me the very rare TopFlight kit of the S.E. 5a
>(1/6). So, come March (or earlier) I'll add it to the list (even though it
>is a kit.)

I didn't know that TF had ever produced a SE5a. It must really be rare! If
you get the chance check out the kits from Combat Scale Models. There are
some photos on the WWI web page! They are really quite something!