Re:(2) WW I Kit Prices

August T. Horvath (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 22:28:28 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, Thomas Eisenhour wrote:

> What's the BIG difference between these two kits and an Alb. D.III? NO RIGGING!
> IMHO that's why the big guys (I consider DML a "medium guy") don't mess with WWI:
> they think that rigging is beyond the patience and ability of most modelers.
> OK, I'll prove my point (Shane, you better back me up on this!). When you show
> your work to non-WWI modelers/family/public what do they oooh and aah over and
> ask you, "How did you EVER do that? The rigging, right?
> The defense rests.

Objection, your honor. I disagree that rigging is a serious deterrent to
most modelers or to the companies that cater to them, simply because
rigging is considered optional by anyone who doesn't want to bother with
it. Certainly, the vast majority of WWI-1930s kits made by major
manufacturers are built unrigged. Even some modelers of quite
respectable skill often dispense with the hassle of rigging. I doubt
very much that the mythical average modeler who does not feel up to
rigging a kit is going to forego adding models of planes he likes to his
collection, rather than build them unrigged. It sure didn't stop me from
building biplanes when I was at that skill level -- had whole shelves of
unrigged you-name-its from F.2bs to P-6Es, some of which now sit in boxes
waiting to be refurbished (and rigged!) when I get the time ...

August Horvath
Harvard Law School