Reply to Douglas R. Jones

Dr. Larry J. Crabb (
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 22:01:51 -0600

Thanks for the reply to my letter to Paul. Talk about a great hanger?
You've got one, too! I didn't know that Balsa USA even made a WW-I kit.
Thanks for that. I've wanted a Bristol M-1C in my collection a long time.
As for the plans of my "ships," I drew them from various 3-view drawings,
pictures and manufacturers' dimentions down to 1 mm. If you want to share
any of them, I'd be happy to do so. Top Flight not only made the SE-5a kit
(circa 1961), but also made the Camel 1 F. 1 kit. Too bad they stopped
doing it! Thanks for telling me about Combat Scale Models, except where is
the company and how do I contact them? I'll be going to Dallas tomorrow
(Sat.) to visit my in-laws (Yuk!) for the big 1st, but I'll be back Tuesday
by noon and check my mail. Hope I hear from you.