D III 88

Bill Shatzer (bshatzer@ednet1.osl.or.gov)
Fri, 29 Dec 1995 21:59:39 -0800

On a slightly off-topic subject, I've come across a reference to a
1930's German movie entitled "D III 88" which apparently featured
WW1 ace Willi Gabriel flying the 'last flyable Dr.I' and the 'first-
ever Dr.I replica.' Has anyone ever actually seen this movie? Is
it worth while attempting to track down?

And the 'last flyable Dr.I' reference has perked my interest. What
aircraft was this and what ultimately happened to it? Certainly it
couldn't have been MvR's Dr.I outa the Berlin Museum - they wouldn't
have let that one be flown in a -movie-, would they?

And, while we are completely out in left field, what exactly -are-
the RAF fighters used in 'Hell's Angels'?

You can tell I didn't get my requested Eduard Albatros for Christmas
or I'd be modeling rather than posting silly inquiries. :-(


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