Re:(2) WW I Kit Prices

August T. Horvath (
Sun, 31 Dec 1995 22:47:42 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, Bill Shatzer wrote:

> >August Horvath ( writes:
> >
> >Objection, your honor. I disagree that rigging is a serious deterrent to
> >most modelers or to the companies that cater to them, simply because
> >rigging is considered optional by anyone who doesn't want to bother with
> >it. Certainly, the vast majority of WWI-1930s kits made by major
> >manufacturers are built unrigged.
> Objection overruled! What 'WW1-1930's' kits by 'major manufacturers'?
> I'm searching my memory for a -new- biplane kit introduced by
> Revelogram or Hasegawa or Tamiya or any of the other biggies in
> the last ten years. I'm sure there must have been one but I can't
> off hand think of it.

I'm not referring to new kits. Just saying most currently available kits
that "should" be rigged are in fact built by modelers unrigged.
Therefore, rigging is not a deterrent to building the models.

> >Even some modelers of quite
> >respectable skill often dispense with the hassle of rigging. I doubt
> >very much that the mythical average modeler who does not feel up to
> >rigging a kit is going to forego adding models of planes he likes to his
> >collection, rather than build them unrigged.
> Ah, but the problem is 'planes he likes'. WW1 just ain't a hotbed of
> interest.

I agree. Interest is the problem. Rigging is not. Just my point.

As for this Biggles movie business, I notice nobody on the list responded
to my suggestion a few weeks ago that a film be made of the Bandy
Papers. Does everyone think this is a bad idea, or is it possible that
some here are not familiar with Canada's most charismatic flying ace?

August Horvath
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