NASM Stuff

14 Dec 1995 09:06:09 GMT

I read with interest the description of the NASM model book. Sounds
like a bargin in color for $20 U.S.

I've seen most of these models in person too - they are fantastic, and
almost all(?) are in 1/16th scale and scratchbuilt. Conversely, I too
think, IMHO, that they are a bit too 'slick'. Some of the older models
in the collection need some attention as they show their age/era of
modeling with inaccurate colors, or dust, etc. But over all extremely
well done and worthwhile seeing to get a feel for what can be
accomplished when one's modeling skills are pushed to the limits of the
state of the art.

NASM's book store alone is worth the trip.

However, NASM's original Pfalz D.XII hanging from the entry to the WW I
exhibit sadly is painted up as a Hollywood whore, rather than it's
original wartime finish as *I* would have MUCH prefered. The exhibit
overall is very nice though if one is able to get past the pervasive
political correctness that dictated it's 'unique' presentation! (But
this topic has been beaten to death in other WWI aviation

(Insert grain of salt here!) ;-)

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)
"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered,
you will never grow" - Ralph Waldo Emerson