Re: lozenge q

Bill Shatzer (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 23:30:04 -0800

>Most interesting reading material lately in response to my #2 Misc
>question re lozenge. I recognize pointillism - but why hexagons? as
>opposed to triangles (or other regular/non-regular) shape? All the same
>size? All in the same direction? Was there scientific research done to
>determine what was to be done? Or who said "just do it"? Bob

Well, this is just guessing, having read nothing specific on this
particular question, but I suspect the answer is more mathematics
than anything else. There are only 3 polygon shapes which 'fit'
together - triangles, squares (or rectangles) and hexagons.

And, only hexagons allow the shapes to be varied in a 'non-regular'

But, just a guess. :-)


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