Re: Anybody has a copy of Julius Caesar & Civilization?

Allen Lin (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 16:42:48 -0700

>> sounds good, i'll mail DL to you as an attachment.
>> by the way, do you have stuffIt lite?
>I don't know that I can read that type of attachment - I'll try. I think
>we got our signals crossed though. I didn;t think you meant trading the
>programs electronicly - that's sort of illegal I think. I was going
>to ship you everything: Manuals, Box, etc. and thought you were
>going to do the same - is that correct?
>I'm not sure I can E-mail you cesar - I'll ship it US mail though if you
>give me your address.

i think i'll be a lot easier that you can send me through e-mail, but
whether or not it's illegal, i don't know, i'll check that out.