NASM modeling book

Anthony & Ellen Sanchez (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 15:15:37 -0800

Hi everyone;

I just picked up a fairly new Smithsonian publication on the model
aircraft collection of the National Air and Space Museum. It's title
On Miniature Wings--ISBN 1-56566-08602 (softcover version)

There is a hard cover available for around $35.00.

It's a large format 12X12 inches or so. Full color throughout.

This book has well over 100 full or double page color photos of some
very beautifully built models. Subjects vary from the Wright Flyer,
WW1 is quite well represented by an excellent RAF B.E.-2c, a 32in
Taube, a Fokker E.III, an incredable Il'ya Muromets G-3, a Halberstadt
CL.IV, a spectacular Fokker D.VII, A 102" wingspan Zeppelin Staaken

There are also many more beautiful pre and post WW1 prop jobs. Also
has subjects from WWII and gets into some of the X planes.

Although I can't quit see myself ever building on this level or scale,
the book sure does a good job of inspiring me to do better. I believe
that most if not all the planes are scratchbuilt, although IMHO some of
them have a very "hollywood style" to them. Too slick, or 'pretty' for
my taste, but hey what the hay, what ever turns your crank!!

"Most" of these are in 1/16 scale. These are built by what are
discribed in the book as "World Class Master Modelers". I would agree,
these guys are good.

Also of note, although I am a 1/48 builder, there is a chapter titled
"Models in War and Peace-The Winning Scale Was 1/72". Calm down, it
was about the aircraft-recognition models of WWII.

Overall an interesting books, lots of picts. and with all the color not
a bad price at $19.95.

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