RE: Jacobs bios
13 Dec 95 07:43:00 EST


I've just been re-reading this list of references you provided for me,
and search as I like, I can't find any evidence that I answered you.

Thanks for your time and trouble. I'm obliged.

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On 4 Dec 95 at 13:31, typed diligently:

> I have the well known biographies of MvR and Udet, but all I have about

> Jacobs is a couple of short magazine articles. Do YOU know of any
> bio of Jacobs, or failing that, how about the fruits of your database

> regarding periodical articles about the great man?

Well, this will tie up some bandwidth, so beware. The only thing I
know I'm missing is his entry in _Above the Trenches_. I also
don't have the original Datafile, so I don't know if there's anything

(snip, all the bio stuff)