Mini Datafile

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 07:04:53 -0500

Mini Datafile #1 arrived in the mail yesterday. As is the consensus
on the list, I am not impressed. Although I haven't had the time to
check it out, it seems like it's the exact article that appeared in
the Windsock issue that dealt specifically with seaplanes. Such a
shame, and too expensive.

I think Rimmel has a loser here. Sure, if you don't have the
seaplane issue, then pick it up. However, I feel that you don't get
your "bang for the buck" as you do with "regular" Datafiles. Unless
Rimmel does something that hasn't been done yet in the "Mini" format,
I will forgo purchasing the rest. Heck, I get more mileage from a $7
to $9 In Action.

Once I look at the seaplane issue and compare these side by side,
I'll let everybody know how they compare.

AAA (as an aside) our club's "kit exchange" is tonight. Basically,
instead of a regular meeting, in December the members gather at a
local restaurant (appropriately called "The Aerodrome" - and it has
plenty of pictures of WW1 stuff, including one of one of the
Lafayette pilots) and "have fun". Each member attending brings in a
wrapped kit, and then when the evening starts, we all pull numbers
out of a hat. Once all numbers are pulled, then we go in numerical
order, either opening an unopen kit, or taking one that is already
open. If a person gets his/her kit taken, then they get to open a
new kit, or take another unopened kit - except for the one that was
just taken from them. The "swapping" goes on until the kit has
changed hands five times, then the fifth person to take it gets to
keep the kit. However, there is one "chaos factor" in the mix - a
"wild card". The person who draws the wild card gets to take a kit
whenever they want, and that kits is theirs. No one else can then
touch the kit. This is a blast. We had to put in the "five swap"
rule because the first year the DML Horten flying wing came out,
everybody wanted it, so it must have swapped 10 times. Needless to
say, we didn't get out of the restaurant until 10:30pm - and it
started at 7:00pm.

Anyway, enough rambling. We return to our in progress discussion of


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