New from Pegasus

Charles Hart (
Tue, 12 Dec 1995 22:34:31 -0700

Greetings all,

Got a packet in the mail from Pegasus models today, my Rumpler C-IV.
To confirm what has been reported here earlier, it is a splendid kit,
nicely molded with good metal pieces, particularly the cabane struts.
Order direct and it only costs about US$18.70.

Flyers announcing forthcoming products came in the packet as well.

New kits in 1/72

Albatros D-III (OEF)

Breguet 14

Non-WW I kits in 1/72

Fokker D-XXIII, Curtiss XP-40Q

New kits in 1/48 (Blue Max)

Pfalz D-XII, DeHaviland DH-2

New Decals in 1/72
one sheet each of British, French, Italian national markings
two sheets of German national markings
German Naval Lozenge camouflage
Four-color lozenge, top and bottom colors

New Decals in 1/48
Four-color lozenge top and bottom colors

Should make for some nice 1996 projects.