Re: Two Questions

Richard G. Ivansek (
Tue, 12 Dec 1995 19:07:52 -0800

You wrote:
>Which plate or plates were you looking at specifically? Generally,
>the Munson book is fairly good within the limits of the printing
>process (i.e., he may not have the -exact- green but if its printed
>in green, you can be pretty sure it wasn't pink) but a couple of
>the plates are generally considered to be way off. For instance,
>the German 'lilac' or 'mauve' color he shows is generally considered
>'not close'. 'Course, not having any original fabric samples of the
>German 'mauve' in my posession, I'm pretty much relying on what other
>folks say. Still, my intuition is that the German mauve was closer
>to the British red (PC 12 - have I got that right?) than to the color
>Munson illustrates.
>> 1) How accurate is "The Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in
>>Munson? Are the Colors accurate? How accurate is the text
information on
>>each plane?
I'm afraid I don't agree with all of this "is this the right color
stuff" that I here so often from other modelers. I own a sign and
silkscreen shop and, deal with color match on a daily basis. It is very
difficult to match colors from batch to batch even with factory mixed
inks and paints. Sun and weather affect pigments in a variety of ways
as well as just plain aging from the acids that are in the ink/paint or
substraights. I subscribe to the school that if it is close it is good
enough, too much nitpicking will just drive you crazy.


Rick Ivansek