W.W. I Aircraft Kits & Techniques Questions

Paul Cotcher (pcotcher@ix.netcom.com)
12 Dec 1995 23:24:33 GMT

From: pcotcher@ix.netcom.com (Paul Cotcher )
Newsgroups: rec.models.scale
Subject: W.W. I Aircraft Kit and Building Technique Questions

I am just getting into World War I aircraft models. I had always been
able to limit myself to World War II to the present, unfortunately with
all of the new products coming out, especially all those colorful
decals from Aeromaster, I just couldn't resist expanding my modeling
horizons! That leads me into my questions:

1) Who makes the best kits? I know the DML kits are supposed to be
excellent, however what I am more interested in is who is the best
among the limited issue manufacturers? I have seen listings for the
Eduard kits, Tom's Model Works, and Blue Max. Which is the best of
these (for example Eduard and Blue Max both do a Pfaltz D.III)? I have
seen the Eduard kits at my local shop and the look really good in the
box. I have never seen one of the Tom's Model Work kits or the Blue
Max kits. Are there any other worthy manufacturers out there?

BTW: What were the first two Blue Max releases (I can find from
their third kit forward)

2) I know I have seen at one time or another articles about rigging
aircraft. Can anyone recommend a good source for this information.

3) Good references, I have a ton of information about W.W. II aircraft
and forward, but know almost nothing about W.W. I. How did the finish
look on the various aircraft (fabric is much different than sheet
metal, was it gloss, flat, etc. etc.)? how did they weather? the list
goes on and on!

Thanks for your help!!!!!



Paul E. Cotcher
I/S Director Global Emergency Medical Services