Paint Inside Dr.1

Richard G. Ivansek (
Thu, 14 Dec 1995 17:52:28 -0800

- In the recent addition to the WW1 images page, Erik Pilawski comments
on how he feels that the paint inside the cockpit of the Dr.1 is
inaccurate. I not so sure I agree with him on this point.
When examining the original Pfalz D12 at Champlin Fighter Museum, I
noted this same feature, a battleship grey coat of paint on the inside
of the cockpit, and thought it unusual too. I dismissed it as something
that the post war owners did to cover up the probably dirty, oily
wooden surface.
Then I looked at some photos of other D12 interiors and found that
the cockpit section was haphazardly painted on the inside with a light
colored paint. This was reinforced by the fact that there are areas
that are "not" painted on the Champlin machine where original
components were mounted to the cockpit walls. Indicating that this
paint was applied to the aircraft before it was looted by allied
The color ( which also matches the paint color of my original Morell
Aneomometer ) was probalbly choosen to give better visability in bad
lighting conditions as well as protect bare wood and fabric from fuel
and oil.
This of course dose not dictate that the Dr.1 was also painted in
this manner, but might be a good indication that this is not in error
and unfounded. I'm shure that SDAM painted it in this fashion because
several original exhisting German WW1 aircraft are finished like this.

Well thats my 2 cents for tonight.

Keep 'em flyin'
Rick Ivansek